Accompanying programme


- Face painting

- Airbrush - temporary body tattoo



Dutch Billiards - a unique board game you will surely enjoy. It is very catchy, positively rated and has found many fans even among the complete newcomers.

Light wall - find out who has the better eye in different game variations that Wall of Light offers. It is ideal for both individual and team competitions. A big plus is the possibility of two players competing at once and against each other.

Sweeper - up to 8 players dodge the rotating bars. They can jump over, bend or crawl. The last one standing wins. The rotating mechanism has several speeds to suit both children and adults who want to have fun.



Table Light Hunter - is a fantastic game in which two players compete against each other. Their task is to squeeze (catch) as many lights as possible in 1 minute. Table light Hunter is ideal for brief competitions and tournaments for children and adults. Players love to come back and break their records.

Weykick - a game for 2-6 players depending on table type. Use the magnets under the game table to control the pieces on the game board. Weykick football and hockey will be available for you.

Crockinole - a game for 2-4 players who take turns flipping pucks. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by placing the pucks in different scoring segments of the playing field.

Necky - a game for 2-4 players who hold and manipulate the necks simultaneously. The aim of the game is to place the balls in the correct holes before the opponent. In the second variant, players must place the balls in the prescribed holes in the shortest time.


Nostalgic steam train rides - as part of the 142nd anniversary of the construction of the single-track regional railway line Suchdol nad Odrou - Nový Jičín, a steam train will run from 9:00 to 16:00. You can look forward to a steam locomotive called "The Big Bull" built in 1924, and historical post-war passenger cars of the former third class called "Rybák".

Guided tours of the town by historic bus - during the Beer Festival from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., there will be guided rides on the historic Tatra bus from 1929 along the beer trail of Nový Jičín. The starting point will take place on Lidická Street, the bus ride will be free of charge.



The participants of the Royal Beer Competition have never had such a challenge in front of them! With a beer sherpa on your back, you can compete in arm-wrestling! The final, where 12 women and 12 men will compete, will be held from 16:30 to 17:00.

You can sign up and register in advance by e-mail:

Throughout the day you can try your hand at arm-wrestling with professional strongmen. The Nový Jičín arm-wrestling club will also offer a demonstration of these professionals. Present will be vice president of the Czech Arm-wrestling Association Jaroslav Sládek, founder, president, and coach of the local club Jaromír Bělunek, former world champion and the best wrestler in the history of this sport in the Czech Republic Monika Slováková, and junior European champion and world vice-champion Adam Číp. Come and see how such a beer match of wrestlers will turn out - come and cheer your favourites!

In the competition, which again this year will be one of the highlights of the Pivobraní festival, they will compete with the biggest strongmen in the Czech Republic. With a beer sash on their backs, the competitors will face the most successful members of the local arm-wrestling club. Their opponents will be fighters awarded with many medals from the national, European and world championships: Vice President of the Czech Arm-wrestling Association Jaroslav Sládek, founder, president, and coach of the local club Jaromír Bělunek, former world champion Monika Slováková, the most successful female arm-wrestler in the history of this sport in the Czech Republic, and Adam Číp, the junior world vice-champion. Come and see how the duel between the beer sherpas and our leading wrestlers will turn out - come and cheer your favourites!


When you said arm-wrestling a few years ago, almost nobody in Nový Jičín knew what the word meant. It was only the local strongman and pioneer of the sport, Jaromír Bělunek, who brought general awareness and fame to the formerly short-lived entertainment known as "leverage". Since 2013, he has been participating in competitions organized by the Czech Arm-wrestling Association and has successfully represented his town and country abroad - he has won many medals in national, European and world championships. However, Jaromír Bělunek was not satisfied with his triumphs. He founded an arm-wrestling club in Nový Jičín, which is part of the Physical Education Union, and as its chairman and coach in one person, he began to pass on his experience to the next generation of competitors. At the same time, he started to organize a competition called "Novojičínská tlapa", which is held here every year.

Already the first year attracted a lot of amateur competitors. Among them was an inconspicuous, then thirteen-year-old Adam Číp. He was brought to "Tlapa" by his father, who had known Jaromír Běluněk well. Adam turned out to be a great talent, ready to work his way up. He started training with the club and competing for it. Today he can proudly claim several junior national and European championship titles, he is also a world vice-champion.

This year, Monika Slováková, a representative of the fairer sex, a former world champion, multiple Czech champion and the best female wrestler in the history of this sport in the Czech Republic, joined the Nový Jičín club, which is supported by the local town hall.

Other young members of the club, who have fallen under the spell of arm-wrestling, are also striving for their place in the limelight through honest preparation. It seems that the "wrestlers" from Nový Jičín do not have to worry about their future...




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